Tuesday, September 8, 2009

17 habits being 'wiped' in the era of techonology

Internet, mobile phones .. has changed the world in positive though still limited as changes in the lives of many people to hell because the pictures were dispersed across the network.

Telegraph newspaper (UK) has listed 50 technologies that are being connected "killing", which is much closer to Vietnam such as:

1. Expressed disagree a courteous: Usually one "brave" or anger too new to English, as loud in public, also on online forums, including the calm one can flush the words difficult to hear people / comments that they hate.

2. Enjoy an album full integrity: They only select and listen to the music files they like best.

3. Right now: Just call, you can know the other person is going to where, or let them know you can come late.

4. The shy when first purchased publication "Adult": Pornography on the Internet makes the spread young new or no longer needed large confusion when the store first to buy the newspaper "cool batch.

5. Watches: Unless a clock that shows the elegant, luxurious or the most sense, if only to see now, people will be looking to your phone, laptop ...

6. Postal mail: E-mail quick, cheap, convenient and easy editing with Internet users.

7. Do not remember much: a new phone number saved in contacts, dates of historical events have Google and Wikipedia help, some scholars believe that children should learn by heart anymore.

8. Downtime: You can also set aside 1-2 hours sitting on the window Lỳ Sky clouds? Perhaps the only Internet connection is disconnected, the phone out of battery chargers that do not find time TV is broken.

10. Watch TV together: Through the night and after rice, both gather first-time screen view of radio, film, literature... by each room has a TV, or the members busy on the network, instant messaging with friends...

11. Match results later: Some years ago, if many football matches took place at the same time, television viewers see only a result immediately match, another match the reference time schedule will be back. Today, scores are updated every minute on many websites and through phone messages.

11. "Blindness" as a holiday information: Now, where people can know the situation of friends and relatives by phone, chat, social networking...

12. Idols: every pupil teacher as a "living repository of knowledge", doctors are references to reliable health information..., but now, with the doctor visit is still up on Google to see categories Doctors prescribe drugs really safe.

13. The mysteries of foreign languages: The online translation tool to help them understand almost all words.

14. Privacy: a user information scattered on the network, such as the status, image ... Random thoughts on Facebook harmless when placed individually but to help others know if they clearly know how to connect and aggregated.

15. Focus: attention to who can work when every 3-5 minutes a message appeared small corner of the screen an e-mail in Gmail, new comment or a message in Facebook Google News?

16. Delight "break box" when met: Reunion on the cover separated always bring joy. The level will be completely different between the two distant fifth in the contact via postal mail and some long-distance phone calls with two rare chat with each other all day, "said forget dates" over Skype, Updated photos and all activities from sleeping at some time to talk up both the car fell through Facebook.

17. Out for lunch: this habit can not be "wiped" the more people willing to sit reasonable in office, just eating bread just browsing social networks, especially in the company only allows web access the break.


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