Monday, August 24, 2009

The world telecommunications have the opportunity to thrive after crisis

Wireless network technologies such as HSPA, WiMAX, LTE ... households continue to open opportunities for exploiting business mobile telecom operators and original equipment manufacturers OEMs.

Ben Cardwell, vice president in charge of the Asia - Pacific airlines Andrew, member unit of CommScope corporations, specializing in infrastructure solutions and wireless communications, said the long-term telecommunications market will grow strongly as demand continued to increase bandwidth as well as voice and data applications.

"This time may be too early to talk about the impact of economic crisis. However, when businesses are trying to save money, for example by making the stages of business remotely, using that telephone more, transfer data between multiple networks together or instead of traveling ..., which set the general market optimism", Cardwell said.

According to Cardwell, the Fortune 500, including the world's leading enterprises, have quite a lot of large telecommunications corporations are boosting business orientation wireless technology and most of these businesses are considered to stabilize long-term prospects.

Asia - Pacific is growth of telecommunications is very strong. Half of the countries in this region densely covered high telecommunication network, typically the North and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Two market growth is strong India and Vietnam, besides Indonesia and China. Four countries are also the most important market is much larger telecommunications firms such as Andrew evaluation with the highest potential, such as Vietnam with the promotion deployed 3G technology.

At CommunicAsia 2009, Andrew - is one of the suppliers of products and wireless communication systems leading - has given the message "Join the new revolution" (the Joint evolution) with the introduced a series of strategic technology generation network.

Among the solutions to optimize network performance combine to reduce operating costs, and chemical management and maximum retirement of Andrew Network, highlights the OneBase InSite solution with remote management capabilities active network, sending alerts, provide network operators the ability to remotely control the power antenna, amplifiers, heat-regulating devices, batteries and energy levels. The antenna system SmartBeam Andrew is able to re-balance throughput through many different network areas to minimize energy consumption.

Trend in "green goods" products and technology worldwide, the mobile network provider has now sought to minimize the environmental impact elements, starting from the stage to save power consumption and power energy reserve. Andrew is providing solutions to hydrogen fuel cell capable EcoPower million target demand for lead acid batteries as well as using diesel generators.

"Saving energy is not the first priority in network design, but tend to reduce operating costs have changed the old concept", a technology expert Andrew said. "Currently, there are many products and technical network design for mobile telecom operators have contributed to reduce operating costs and reduce environmental impact".


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