Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time of online marketing

Reasonable cost, effective, interactive and high precision, easily identified segment and target customers are the reason why today many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) selected online marketing .

Online marketing to help small and medium enterprises save your advertising budget.

According to a survey by Yahoo!, Now the Vietnam Internet users account for about 24% of the population. Time using the Internet to read news, search, chat, e-mail, social network connections ... increased significantly in recent years. Besides the traditional means of marketing, the Internet is increasingly expressed as a communication channel has the potential to promote large. Therefore, advertisers and marketers see online advertising method is efficient and economic difficulties in the current situation.

Previously when economic conditions still favorable, small and medium enterprises Vietnam proved quite ignore online marketing. Only a few large companies merely use the service banner of major news site in the country. However, this cost is not that little. When the world economy fell into crisis, greatly affects the SME. With financial conditions of small enterprises in Vietnam, online marketing tools are appropriate (email marketing, web marketing, search engines, viral marketing ...) and they have started moving to form marketing, contact advanced trade through electronic commerce.

For businesses will have to spend up to 30 million VND to a 30-second ad on the channel VTV3 time from 21h to 22h daily. A black and white newspaper ads can cost 42 million color pages 65 million. While at online commerce, businesses only need to invest 588 per year will provide a website to introduce and display unlimited number of products and services with Full information about businesses. Also have access to the phonebook 5000 importers around the world, participation in fairs and online ...

Nguyen Thi Huong, media representative for the website success rate of online transactions on e-commerce site is quite high, up to 70%. Price advertising on eBay electronics market is also quite attractive, ranges from 1 to 4 million dong within a week. Mrs. Huong sharing "tariff ads reasonable and high levels of success has attracted many small and medium enterprises to eBay. The business has boldly signed advertising contracts with duration of up to five years" .

Also according to a previous study of Yahoo!, More than 30% of Internet users in Vietnam, click on banner ads. There are many advertising companies on the charges made by "click". So if the user does not click the enterprises do not pay fees. Enterprises can measure the level of interest of customers and control your ad budget through the statistical number of banner ad click. Therefore ad network is made in accordance with budget and target customers of the business.

In the workshop on "online marketing solutions" held recently in HCM City, Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, Vice Director of Institute of Business Development VCCI analysis, economic recession has forced businesses to take steps creative breakthrough. Can develop the market through the marketing costs low as marketing, Internet ... Besides ads to bring integration, such as advertising at the same time two or more products and brands to optimize performance and cost efficiency.

It Hoang Trong, Director The Pathfinder, the needs of customers increasingly rapid changes. So to offer a communications solutions can meet the needs of customers quickly and still ensure effective interaction. Online Marketing acts as an effective bridge, increasing the chance contact with customers without being limited in terms of space and time.

With these advantages in cost, flexibility and ability to measure results superior compared to traditional media, online advertising is becoming a top choice for SMEs, especially in the context of business industry to cut costs and consider the effectiveness of advertising programs.


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Tất nhiên là có lợi cho SME rồi nhưng làm sao các nhà quản trị có thể đo đuợc hiệu quả một chiến dịch quảng cáo "thực" trên mạng "ảo"?