Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smartphone 2010 will be almost SSD memory

Smart phones will soon be equipped with memory management technology, high-level data storage in solid laptop today.

According to Brian Shirley, vice president of storage company Micron, Apple iPhone or Nokia N97 use the flash drive capacities up to 32 GB of a method to read and write data simply no different in basic telephone lines.

However, the smartphone is evolving into tablet, ie on more functions like mini-computers, boosting the chip manufacturers have formed for the flash memory more sophisticated.

"We are looking to equip the smartphone category is managed NAND (Managed NAND) - technology between the NAND memory 'raw' (as SD cards for MP3 devices) and advanced (as in SSD laptop and server), "Shirley said. "When the product is popular on the market next year, users will feel the difference through speed downloads music, movies, search for information in the computer faster.

Next time, smartbook - new variations of netbooks, or may be considered as competitors for netbooks - also will be integrated Managed NAND hard drives instead of regular.



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