Saturday, August 22, 2009

Microsoft was banned selling MS Word

Court of Texas (USA) has the ruling caused "shock" when asked corporate America to stop software business one of its popular product due to copyright infringement.

Judge Leonard Davis claims Microsoft is not "sold or imported into the United States any product that has the ability to open Word files. Xml. Docm docx or contain XML.

I4i Company (Canada) sue Microsoft in March 2007, the accused software company in Redmond, Washington copyright infringement XML (page description language integrated in MS Word) from their 1998.

Hui May, the federal jury in Texas has offered compensation for Microsoft i4i 200 million. In ruling on 11/08, Microsoft asked to pay an additional $ 40 million and have 60 days to comply with the ban on "testing, demonstration, advertise products containing Word XML features.

However, it seems Microsoft will not be to produce "laying golden eggs" of them disappeared from the market. "There is clear evidence that we do not violate copyright i4i and is not effective," spokesman Kevin Kutz Microsoft confirmed they will appeal.


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