Saturday, August 22, 2009

LCD applies NaturaLight Technology

NLT technology helps convert harmful light emitted from the screen to type circular polarized light, closer to the natural light in terms of most physical properties, help protect the eyes viewed safely.

TCL technology creates natural light (NaturaLight Technology - NLT) to apply to E9 Series, then turn to X9, N9 ... And until this point, "Technology NLT natural light is one of the factors mentioned that most consumers choose to buy TV.

Not only the layer of light as other regular TV, the TV technology of natural light requires four layers reconstructed light. In addition, LCD TV also Health System Integration DCC (Dynamic Contrast Control - The control dynamic contrast) will automatically change the contrast to suit each type of motion and light of the film to make eye you always feel most comfortable; combined system DBC (Dynamic Backlight Control - Control light background) will automatically change the lighting to suit each type of scenes.

Technology natural light, the difference that our eyes can see is with dark scenes, LCD backlight that automatically reduce light by adjusting the light immediately and automatically adjust dynamic contrast. Practical effects brought by circular polarized light emitted from the Health Office LCD TV has been protected trademarks and patents of USA (U.S. Department of Commerce) verification and certification.


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