Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8 interesting add-on for Firefox

One of the strengths of the Mozilla open source browser is integrated storage utility (add-on) support diverse as video downloads from YouTube, shortened link...

Copying text

When copying information on the site to a document, that document structure can be broken. Solution is program Copy Plain Text 0.3.3. Once installed, users simply need to copy the swimming black, right-click and choose "Copy as Plain Text".

Shortened link

If you installed TinyURL Creator 1.0.5, when browsing a website interesting, users simply right-click any location on any page, select "Create TinyURL for this page" link to create a short and share with friends.

Search data

Applications Hyperwords ( supports people from any marks on the page then right click to search information from Google, Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary...

Restore content

When you fold site malfunction, you can access certain services for the storage (cache), but so will take time. Resurrect Pages application will replace the message "The page can not be displayed" (page not shown) in the link list web service cache.

This typographical

If the wrong type or web address, the user should set the URL Fixer May 1 to apply this change to their spelling. It can not fix all the errors but also help avoid any trouble when not open web pages they need.

Ads blocking

If uncomfortable with banner ads on the website, will add support for AdBlock Plus to block content the user does not want to see.

Download video

Add-ons Video DownloadHelper to help load fast clip on the sharing sites like YouTube, Break...

Run IE in Firefox

Some sites only compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox to open instead of closing IE, try installing IE applications tab, right-click and select "Open Page in IE tab" to open a new tab IE simulation.

(Find these add-on by visiting and type the add-on name to the search bar).


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Anna said...

These are cool add-ons. Also check out this browsing history add-on at History Tree