Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Using software ECUS remotely declared electronic customs

Department of Information Technology and Customs Statistics recently approved for the enterprise software ECUS data to report to the Bureau of Customs procedures when making export.

This is because software Co. Technology Development Thai Son Construction, meet connections, transfers electronic data format customs agency announced.

At the seminar "customs procedures in the electronic business environment" held on 13 / 7 in HCM City, Le Van Loi, Director of Institute on Business VCCI, said the city has about 25,000 companies activities in the field of export. The declared customs cost quite a lot of time and effort for both businesses and both the customs. To include the software applications such as ECUS operation will promote the rapid electronic customs.

Video Information Tran, Deputy Director General of Customs HCMC, said the business as a professional in IT applications to facilitate customs work effectively. Conversely customs agencies will meet the requirements of the business. He also adds the current access of the HCM City Customs has been upgraded to 10 MB in order to connect with a business the best way, for the application to declare customs electronics.

Electronic declaration export form in software ECUS.

Route of application procedures customs electronics, Hoai Le Quang, representing Department of Information Technology and Customs Statistics, in 2009 notification will be 9 local customs applicable customs electronics. WAN network infrastructure in North-South axis will be upgraded to 10 MB. Channels connected from the center area to the Department, Customs Department will also be upgraded. Each place will be 5 additional servers for electronic release.

According to Hoài, the year 2012 the system receiving and processing information unique to the country of operation, electronic signature will be applied. Meanwhile businesses need to use tax codes to make their procedures rather than the code would be registered customs today.

Do Huu Toan, Director Department of Customs Department Electronics - Customs Department of HCMC, the evaluation report using electronic software ECUS quite quickly. If no problems, just 5 to 10 minutes can be as important. "Before you press the button to send form e-customs, enterprises must understand the electronic data is a legal. So here is the data of the customs of the business and take responsible for the authenticity of it", his whole analysis.

Up to now about 500 enterprises use ECUS to declare customs electronics. Software is in the process of finishing should still exist some technical errors. Therefore business applications ECUS sometimes still encounter problems. For example, errors extracted form the Ecxel, the lack of ... And now the electronic signature has not been recognized, although the registered electronic business must take in the form brings up customs to confirm.

However, the many business concerns that are a problem as computer data loss report electronic, they will not be able to apply the data from the central archives of the customs. The problem, he said Hoài data when business will be transferred to a software conversion for compatibility with the system of customs. When transferred back to the business, data transfer to other formats should not be used duoc.Vi the best businesses should protect by backup data safely.


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