Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thin notebook with long batteries

This autumn, people buy laptops will have headaches before options: netbook or small, cheap, used or notebook chip energy efficient (CULV) with higher performance.

Netbook is a tendency to attract the attention especially on the computer market. They often have screens around 9 to 11 inch (the highest is 12 inches), low power consumption, simple features with attractive price (under 550 USD).

CULV notebook also will appear in your III/2009, have slim designs with 12-13 inch screen, long battery duration and sold around 600-1000 USD price, more expensive netbook but performing than .

Now, consumers should consider the netbook Lean, attractive price, but sometimes inconvenient to use and the notebook slim, feature latpop equivalent normal but higher price.

Acer Timeline - the high rated CULV notebook.

Some experts believe that users will not want to buy netbook again when they need to take 100-300 USD to own a perfect notebook. Intel also directed the attention of people to chip CULV whether they play a key role in the movement to save netbook. "If you want a computer slim, lightweight, you do not need to buy netbook. CULV Notebook affordable price that has more features than", CEO Paul Otellini of Intel's comments.

No research which shows that people buy for cheap netbook or a need for small equipment during travel, but few people may prefer a device with screen, small keyboard and limited features. Manufacturer Acer though very successful on the netbook market with the Aspire One, but for the use of chip Timeline CULV. Timeline version CULV (1810T) equipped with 11.6-inch screen netbook as a small operation, but faster than Atom, support HD content, 4 GB RAM, HDMI port, Wi-Fi standard and the ability to upgrade Windows 7.

Therefore many experts believe the technology is the netbook will inherit when the notebook CULV born.


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