Monday, July 6, 2009

Sony Walkman celebrates 30 years of development

The original mobile cassettes were for the entrepreneurs and the media, but Sony has made the equipment to the common users with 50 million products to be consumed in the first 10 years.

Sony Walkman first named TPS-L2 and sold on the market in 1979 with $200. TPS-L2 is considered "one of the icon shows the level of consumption".

Walkman II (WM-2), was born in 1981, sales reached 1.5 million and become the Walkman cassette best-selling. WM-4 appeared in 1983 using 4 AA batteries. Version in 1984 is the WM-F10 support FM stereo. WM-55 (1986) is not only the first Walkman with pink shell, but also supports AM/FM radio. WM-36 (1987) with equalizer 5 set to adjust the sound.

WM-AF64 (1988) has designed more sophisticated, the ability to automatically sercurity and integrated AM/FM. WM-FX413 Walkman (1995) have more of "Mega bass".

In 1997, the Walkman became more slim and the WM-EX652 is equipped with full functionality as well as the "Mega bass" and "Groove" to improve sound quality for ballad song.

Sony also launched the Walkman run CD (Discman) in 1984.

In 2007, Walkman players transformed to hi-technology and use flash memory. The Walkman line of X-series using the screen for the latest of Sony


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