Friday, July 3, 2009

Share hosting services attract many companies

Cheap service, no need to invest more in technical and human resources, time to use fast... benefits are made more use of business hosting services.

Web hosting is the storage sites, data on a Web server Internet. This is the place for the transaction, exchange of information between the online website for Internet users occurred, helped businesses can promote marketing products and services to its more people. Hosting service website (web hosting) in Vietnam is quite developed with many large companies to join as FPT Telecom, DigiPower, Eye Light, PA Vietnam, NetSoft ...

At present the market with many forms of rental hosting. Usually there are 3 types: package shared (Shared Hosting), virtual leased servers (VPS - Virtual Private Server) and hire really own server. These services in accordance with the financial activities of enterprises of small and in Vietnam. There are also services such as hosting lease rental locations, access ...

Services with shared hosting, many customers will use on a server provider. Service provider the right management server and client only manage your account. Solutions are quite cheap price should be more customer choice. For example, package storage 200 MB, 3000 MB bandwidth company PA Vietnam monthly fee of only USD 1.5. Business packages V3S Gold Company's Sao Viet Tam 1500 MB storage, 30,000 MB bandwidth costs 15 USD a month.

However, many customers do the same activity on a server should also have the inconvenience as the limited impact speed access, the number of mail boxes, domain names, use the database must be in the level of suppliers. In addition, customers can not install the software according to your needs do not have the right management server.

When customers use the service VPS virtual servers, providers will use the virtual server in a lot of virtual servers able to work independently. So customers have the right to manage and install the software. While the virtual server must share the hard drive, RAM, CPU together the congestion status information has occurred. At FPT Telecom are providing packages EasyStandard charges 800,000 dong a month for VPS CPU configuration (Share): Quad-Core Intel Xeon 3210 (2.13 GHz, 1066 FSB, 8 MB Cache) 512 MB RAM, HDD (Fix) 40 GB. 1,600,000 EasyStrong package price contract with a CPU configuration (Share): Quad-Core Intel Xeon 3230 (2.66 GHz, 1066 FSB, 8 MB Cache) 1 GB RAM, HDD (Fix) 80 GB.

However, the array services are the changes. For example, the "rent a server with 0 contract" has been published recently by three large companies such as FPT Telecom, FPT Elead and Intel to help businesses resolve this difficulty. Enterprises are free to use the server configuration with CPU Quad Core Intel Xeon X3330 Elead FPT by the registration and a commitment to use hosting services within 18 months in the data center's Co. International Telecommunications FPT (FPT Telecom under). Prices of hosting packages also are considered competitive in the market today, the lowest, only 1.8 million dong / month.

For rental services own server, client full management server. However, enterprises must have a knowledge management system for care, updates, regular maintenance to avoid the risk of technical and security issues. A hosting adviser, said: "Many administrators install too much software is not necessary or that change settings in the server affecting quality system activities. Therefore, businesses should consult the advice of the company hosting to a system, stability and are able to expand when necessary.

For enterprises to international markets, foreign customers are often difficult to access when the site is located in Vietnam by international bandwidth of Vietnam to foreign countries are "real bottle. This is why the business should consider when deciding to rent by hosting service providers do. With large companies, the commitment of bandwidth, especially the international gateway, is a measure to ensure the ability to "always connected" customer.

About utility service hosting, Vu Anh Tuan, an IT staff, says that when not using the hosting services business must take a lot more for this issue: "Every month we must take the cost maintaining the system as on electricity, subscriber access, management. This is not including fees for initial server purchase, copyright software, building server room .... set up near $ 10,000. Yes hosting services we have to worry about server management only. "

According to her page, the business page Thien Than Nho, because the hosting service should the site works only effective for helping promote better business.

Ba công ty hợp tác tung ra giải pháp "thuê máy chủ 0 đồng".



Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn said...

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