Friday, July 17, 2009

Preview future mobile phones

Designed ideas or concepts about mobile phone and the birth of the new mobile technology help people visualize how the product will look like in the next few years.

Tel shape changes are made through the material easily flex Nokia Morph may become reality after 7 years time.

Phone Handphone designed the same type of "Call me", of which 3 folding middle finger.

Form P-Per computer screen are in the 2 sides as someone pasted the iPhone 2 together

Phone "package" Packet looks like a tiny square, but the road will open up the keyboard, screen, web browser ...

Kinesthetic screen is the company's NHK developed to help users feel as using the keyboard actually physical.

Microsoft Research Cambridge is researching the sensor can identify the movement of hands, such as disabled, or enabled web page by moving of equipment.

Atlas Kinetic Model self produced energy when the device shakes, vibration and power to the battery charger.

Source: PC World.


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