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Prevention of HIV/AIDS among Vietnamese sex worker in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Rithy P; International Conference on AIDS (15th : 2004 : Bangkok, Thailand).
Int Conf AIDS. 2004 Jul 11-16; 15: abstract no. D11169.

KHEMARA, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Issues: Commercial sex is widely available in Cambodia, primarily provided by Cambodian women, but also by women from other Asian countries. Vietnamese sex workers usually come to Cambodia as virgins who are debt-bonded and unable to communicate in Khmer. These women are isolated in brothels and lack access to information and services. Because of the language barrier they have difficulty communicating with clients concerning condom use. Description: Khemera a local Cambodian NGO works with 384 Vietnamese sex workers in Sway Pak suburb of Phnom Penh. Services provided include teaching safer-sex skills, life skills and vocational training. The women are also provided with support and information to enable them to access STI and other health services. Interactive IEC materials have been developed in the Vietnamese language. In the last two years ten women have moved into alternative occupations outside the sex trade. In 2003, 107 of the Vietnamese sex workers attended workshops and trainings, 211 were referred to STI clinics and 31 accessed VCT services. Lessons learned: The official action of closing brothels usually results in the sex workers being moved to a new brothel in a new village. This makes access to them more difficult. The women have a lack of confidence and trust in most groups and individuals in positions of power. It is important to build relationships of trust Before implementing activities to address some of the problems these women face. Recommendations: Strong advocacy is needed to ensure that Vietnamese and sex workers of other nationalities in Cambodia have access to services and information.

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