Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FPT dominant in the Top 5 ICT Vietnam 2009

The member companies FPT reaching up to the top 5 highest awards in the areas of business awarded the Gold Medal and Top 5 ICT Vietnam in 2009, took place on 14/07/2009 in HCMC.

With revenue of nearly 17 thousand billion, joint stock company FPT has occupied the position of army group unit IT Vietnam top. Company Information System FPT group leader unit services integrated IT system with sales over 2 thousand billion and leading group unit software Vietnam (221,000,000,000). In group unit export software first, JSC FPT Software to bring the best thanks to the unit sales 715 billion. Corporation FPT Elead sales reached 356 billion by who has the best group Computers Vietnam top.

Businessemans receive Gold Medal awards and Top 5 ICT 2009. Photo: Ha Mai.

Electronics company Samsung Vina won gold medals Unit Hardware, and JSC TMDV Phong Vu received gold medals and retail units. Corporation Misa was awarded gold medals Unit Software. Gold Medal Services Unit Content number of Co. PA Vietnam.

Good years are divided by group turnover with the lowest threshold from 10 billion up to the fields of software, services, software ... and 50 billion up to the fields of hardware, selling retail ... According to Pham Thien Nghe, Secretary of HCM City News, Council representative selection, the distribution by each group of sales is the landmark business and strive but bankruptcy. Each group has rank 1 to 5 stars. Super Star is in line for businesses with revenue 1,000 billion.

Awards Gold Medal and Top 5 ICT by Vietnam News Vietnam HCMC established in 1998. 2009 number of enterprises participating in most of its 42 units in the fields of hardware, software, training, services, Digital Content, services, system integration...

This year the enterprise IT Vietnam as FPT, CMC, IDC, Digiworl still shown the position of his. Although the economic crisis, but the business IT has increased employee turnover 25%, especially technology group CMC reached record levels with increasing sales 50%. Top 5 unit IT top with total revenue nearly 21,500 billion VND, accounting for 67% turnover of the whole industry.


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