Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sony Signature Collection with Vaio P at $2,000

Sony launch new line of fashion laptops Signature Collection has the number of colors limit, in which samples P699E / Q higher cost than the old P Vaio to $1100 but is equipped with SSD drive up to 256 GB.

Black version of the Signature Collection is Vaio P699E / Q at SSD storage and the Intel processor 1.86 GHz with 1000 the number of products.

TT290 is blue with 120 products, prices starting $2,000, is equipped with 11 inch screens, hard drives up to 250 GB storage drive or rigid 256 GB.

Red Z790DMR only 600 machines starting with USD 1770. Products LCD 13.1 inch, hard drives up to 500 GB or 512 GB SSD, processor 2.8 GHz.

CS390 red imitation leather integrated 14-inch screen, the highest configuration is Intel 2.8 GHz chip, 8 GB RAM, 400 GB hard drive and have all the 500 starting with $780. CS390 brown skin color. CS390 pink imitation leather.

Kaleidoscope Z790DND promises will be the magnet attracting the attention of people around. This model has all the 300 with 13 inch screen and start 2750 USD.

Signature Collection has 10 colors: black, blue, yellow, purple, booc-city, carbon, kaleidoscope (culture) and three fake skin color (red, brown, red).

Sony Vaio P is coming to Vietnamese laptop market.


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