Friday, June 19, 2009

Remove 7000 km distance by Photoshop image

Make friends and fall in love through the sharing site Flickr, a 18 years old British girl and a man 25 years old in the U.S have used an image editing software Photoshop to create an album of art which connect their love.

"These picture remove the distance between us and as a way to show our love," said Hardy RoSie. She often took pictures with her Canon 400D is awarded to her 17th birthday.

Aaron Nace and Hardy joined the project "365 days" on Flickr, in which members self-portraits taken by them every day. Nace saw Hardy pictures and send a message to her. This pair started dating and chat via Skype.

Hardy sent pictures to Nace and he will find ways to adjust how the picture together with the lighting, shooting angles and moods. "We created own world, where we can stay close. When you view the photos, as I feel the breath of him. The album also made us sticking together and understand the other thought," Hardy shared.


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