Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lindsay Lohan posted her nude photos

Nothing to do when her achievement is downing, Lindsay Lohan cause shock when posting her photos with half of nude on the twitter site.

Actor Lindsay Lohan posts up a photo taken when she was modeling for January Italy January Fornarina. In photographs, long hair dyeing lilo's gold mask when her chest towards the camera of the BlackBerry. Lindsay Lohan writes: "The old photos. I'm feeling sad".

Female actor in Means Girls seems to want to cause attention when writing the caption called "star" blogger Perez Hilton and the film critic of E! Ben Lyon.

Lilo nude photos. Photo: Twitter.

This is the second star 22 years old as the splash this month. Today 8 / 6, she encountered was wearing a ring when you go with Samantha Ronson and making the fan opens when howling gruff on twitter: "I am about to share with everyone a great news."


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Ҳ ĶıĎ1109 said...

Well well well, she is really a naughty girl, I like it. >:)