Thursday, June 18, 2009

The excellent arts drawed by hand on the iPhone

These pictures is amazing this life from the magical fingers on the screen of the most popular smartest phone today.

Applications Brushes on the iPhone satisfy the passions of many users:

1/ Painter Susan Murtaugh (Wisconsin, USA) are selling copies of drawings by her iPhone at cost $24. "After the time get familiar with the screen feel, I feel as well as drawing on the fabric," Murtagh said.

2/ Mike Miller, 32 years old in the U.S., confirmed he had painted over just a week after practice. Miller said that drawing on the screen and feel like on paper.

3/ Artists Mathew Watkins again see light on the iPhone phone is "relax and faster to use a computer mouse".

4/ Painter Jorge Colombo takes 1 hour to draw pictures posted page report The New Yorker.

5/ Brushes also records the process of drawing people to see their work has shaped how.

This application Brushes costs $5 on Apple iTunes.


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