Saturday, June 27, 2009

The death of Michael Jackson almost pulled down Internet

The king of pop music is probably the one story that shock on the Internet this decade. It not only hurts the heart millions of fans, but also affect the through the Internet.

Again, where concerns about instability of networks connected to the global reality. Each time that are vibrant, the Internet activities flicker while television does not limit anything.

About the expert said that if Google can not deal before the traffic is not a big website on any other world can place firmly. That happened yesterday when more people to Google for information about Michael Jackson has received notification of Department: "Sorry, your query from a system infected with viruses or spyware "and this request must enter the confirmation code.

Google's warning.

Prolocutor Google explains: "When the search for unexpected surge, security site will be appeared to ensure we are not victims of an attack. Yesterday, Michael Jackson keywords used many times and was the cause of the phenomenon." Google confirmed it is a bug in the system the largest they ever encounter. Google Trend evaluate stories of Jackson has the power as "volcanic".

Meanwhile, many news sites and blogs also famous overloading and display content relatively slowly. TMZ, the first page on the death of 50 year old singer, has encountered several problems still trading blog on how to temporarily stop work due to the large amount of guests. Traffic to the CNN website increased 500% and reached 20 million pageview only after an hour says. Twitter can not hard mirrors.

Twitter user continuously receive can not log in when search results are disabled. Error appeared when searching for Michael Jackson reached the top 5,000 times per minute and this website never slow as seeing. "People posting also doubled, more than cấn critical stage in the election's America," Biz Stone, the founder twitter, said.


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