Thursday, June 18, 2009

The comical world through Google Street View

As soon as Google Maps has the street photography in 2007, users have discovered many strange things and even hard to understand. Currently, more than 200 cities supported Street View make the funny and strange images on a lot more.

Look at the car was whole sticked Post-It Note in Tampa, Florida (USA), people can guess the owner of its has been hoax. A heavenly day for dating with a "special person", especially when you're in Paris (France). Berwyn, Illinois (U.S.) too tight to park car? Google should change feature named Street View (photos of street) to River View (pictures of river) when recording imagess at highway in Victoria Australia. Some images are too popular on Google Maps and the cause Google for violating the individual.

Batman parking in the queue, but also Spiderman parking his Mini Cooper in the old garage with all cobweb. UFO over the skies of Sydney (Australia)? These two boy can hide their fight on the way to school from their parents but then they will know through Google Maps.

This man came too close to Google's camera or maybe a driver is driving in Street View checking the camera? No one knows why these guy dressed like that and sit on the street in Paris (France). House fire in Ohio (USA). Vehicle dum kitchen in Boston (USA). Weddings in the U.S., Britain and France. Report directly the arrest criminals in Washington (USA).


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