Sunday, June 14, 2009

Collect old phones for recycling

Old phones, damaged battery or charger and all types of accessories of any brand were collected by Nokia to re-use of materials, saving energy and natural resources.

Campaign recycling collection in all types of damaged, old phone, in the framework of increase awareness of environmental protection in Vietnam consumers, was started by Nokia on morning at 13/06/2009.

Some famous singers like Ho Ngoc Ha, Phuong Thanh, Lam Truong, Anh Tuan and Ha Quang Vinh ... participated in the jogging of this campaign in HCMC. 350 old phone was collected by the runners of contributions in this morning. More young contribute old phone at the morning of 13/06/2009 in HCMC.

Estimated this phone collection will hold at many places in many cities. For each phone collected, the Nokia will contribute $2 to produce hundreds more trash located in Hanoi and HCMC. Each person involved in the campaign was awarded a nice bags and has an opportunity to win Nokia E63 phone.

Nguyen Van Duc, Deputy Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said that Nokia's campaign is in accordance with the policy to encourage all businesses to develop forms of environmental protection of the government. Moreover, the collection of device will improve awareness of environmental protection of the people.

The damaged phone, old battery and gas in the direct environment will harm the poor, to influence human health. "Everyone please move the phone, not in use anymore for us to use to the useful rather than just to quiet them in drawers," said Mr. Michael Ang, Director of the Division Customer care Nokia.

This program by Nokia was held in many countries since 1990. Campaign of the old phone in Vietnam this year will last from 13/06/2009 to the first of this September.


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