Friday, June 19, 2009

Capture the entire site without software

PrintScreen function only allow capture a part of the webpage, but if you want to save the page, the user must install professional softwares as Webshot. However, Thumbalizr has simplify these process. has a simple interface, easy to use. Users simply enter the web address they want to capture and select the Screen (capture screen function similar to PrintScreen) or Page (capture entire page). Click "Thumb it" and wait for a few seconds, the image of your site will appear in the right of the interface. photo from with size 400 pixels.

Users can download the photos taken with different sizes such as 150 pixels, 320 px, 640 px, 800 px, 1024 px, 1248 px... depending on the need to use.

Another new service on the internet named Super Screenshot allows you to capture the entire image from any page without demanding anything. You simply enter the site address, click OK, then wait for Super Screenshot return results, you can customize the image by type (full screen, top), size, format (JPG, PNG ) and click ViewScreenShot to see results.


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